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Digital Accessibility through Patented AI

audioeye digital accessibility

AudioEye improves the digital accessibility and usability of websites – providing everyone with an optimal, customizable, and fully inclusive digital experience. First and foremost, the AudioEye technology helps ensure that your website is optimized to and conforms to WCAG 2.1 Level AA. In addition, the AudioEye technology includes a toolbar, which includes a suite of free assistive web personalization utilities that allow your users to customize their user experience.

The Smart New Way

audioeye screen

Starting on the path to compliance takes just minutes

Once integrated, AudioEye Dynamic Remediation Technology takes over

Deploy a smarter, no-nonsense strategy

Subject matter experts and specialized engineering manage the heavy lifting for you

Entrust a comprehensive, always-on solution

Thoroughly vetted, technology-first approach trusted by leading global brands and government agencies

The Process…That was Easy!

Step 1

Step 1


  • Fixing most common errors (instantly)
  • Always-on monitoring begins to illuminate the most pertinent and pressing issues impacting actual users
  • Foundation, Remediation & Monitoring, Auditor, Training

Step 2

Step 2

Testing & Discovery

  • Automated and manual testing detects access barriers including
  • Issue Identification – Always on monitoring service provides ongoing site evaluation based on site analytics
  • Accessibility testing – conducted by AT testers

Step 3

Step 3

Remediation, Validation & Optimization

  • Test results are analyzed and validated by our engineers who author remediations.
  • Fix issues/validate usability
  • Ensure an optimal user experience
  • 3rd party services accessibility strategy
  • Ally Toolbar – provisioned and deployed

Step 4

Step 4

AudioEye Trusted

  • Site has met all prerequisites and continues to fulfill the ongoing requirements of the AEYE Trusted Process.
  • Continual Daily Audit and issue tracking
  • Ongoing Weekly remediation

Key Benefits of AudioEye

Completely Managed Service

Once the Javascript is installed, there is little to no work effort needed by your team

No Changes to Underlying Code

There are no changes to designs or code that could jeopardize UX or conversion paths

Unrivaled speed to compliance

Immediately addressing issues of 508, ADA and ACA-related requirements

It’s Future Proof

New standards are incorporated into the service as released (i.e. WCAG 2.1)

Rinse and Repeat

Leveraging technology provides a repetitive, disciplined, cost effective approach to monitoring

One process

Provides oversight of multiple domains and multiple content editors