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Expert WCAG 2.1 AA
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WCAG Compliance

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Our website accessibility services provide a streamlined process to take your website from a liability to a more engaging tool that is accessible to more people. In today’s litigious society every precaution needs to be made to minimize risk. But it’s more than that. By improving the accessibility of your website you also improve SEO, expand your audience and ultimately grow your client base.

Our Streamlined Website Audit Process

Pour Accessibility

We Follow the Website Accessibility Compliance Roadmap

Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust: These core principals encompass all the technical aspects of making your website compliant.

Streamlined Audit Based on Your Website Architecture

We tailor our approach based on your website structure. We report our findings in a manner that enables remediations to be implemented in the most efficient manner passible saving you time and money.

Guaranteed Compliance

Upon completion, CPACC Certified, your website is guaranteed to be in conformance with WCAG 2.1 AA ensuring ADA compliance and 508 compliance.

Website Accessibility Audit Examples

Focus Order

Issue. Focus order on the website jumps around the page unexpectedly, and it includes elements that are not visible to the user.

Explanation. When the order of Tab focus does not match the visual layout of a web page, it creates confusion for sighted keyboard users. If the Tab focus order includes elements that are not visible, then this causes keyboard users to lose their focus location on the page; this can make it difficult to interact with the website.

Website Accessibility Example

Related WCAG Success Criteria

  • SC 2.1.1 Keyboard (A)
  • SC 2.4.3 Focus Order (A)

Recommendation. (1) Ensure that the mobile menu is hidden with CSS {display:none} while not in use – as in desktop/laptop width – so screen reader and keyboard users do not have to skip past it.

Missing Form Label

Issue. The newsletter sign-up form in the footer uses a placeholder attribute to stand in as the form label for “Enter your email address”.

Explanation. If a form control does not have a properly associated text label, the function or purpose of that form control may not be presented to screen reader users. Form labels provide visible descriptions and larger clickable targets for form controls. If a placeholder is used as a form label, the only visible label for the field will disappear as soon as the user starts typing. Users with memory or cognitive impairments may have difficulty recalling the purpose of the form field.

website accessibility example

Related WCAG Success Criteria

  • SC 3.3.2 Labels or Instructions (A)

Recommendation. Use a visible label, like those used for First Name, Last Name and Phone Number. Ensure the visible label is programmatically associated with the form field using the `for` attribute.

The right website accessibility solution is one that aligns with your team, resources, and goals. Our website accessibility services are the perfect mix of subject matter expertise and advanced diagnostics to fully audit your website for conformance with WCAG 2.1 AA.  Our implementation driven  audit report provides a streamlined path forward to achieve ADA compliance and/or 508 compliance.